May 1, 2012

Evening at Redmire Reservoirs

Yesterday afternoon, I decided to visit Redmire in the evening, mostly to try to get nice pictures of birds in the warm-colored evening light. but the wind was blowing quite a bit about 9 ms, and it was difficult to hand hold the camera in the wind.
I did not see any rare birds, but i saw mini Lapwings they are so cute.
I also saw a lot of hares, have never seen so many hares there before. but they usually are morning and evening active.
Managed also to shoot a water vole from a good level, I was almost in the water;)
But the best that evening was the sunset, it tends to be really nice sky when it is a bit small overcast and windy, so again this time. :)

Nice colours

Running from the photographer

Black headed gull

Wood Warbler

Nice clouds

The litte cute Lapwing

And the cute water vole

redmire reservoirs

More nice coloured skyes

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