May 15, 2012

Early morning at Redmires

Early this morning at 5:20  I took my bike up to redmires Reservoirs, the weather seemed promising.
It was pretty cold this morning (8 C), but the sun was supposed to turn out today, according to the weather forecast.
Once up I listened for the cuckoo, but it was quiet today, little bit disappointed because that was the one I would take pictures of today.
It was just to start walking around the area to find photo opportunities, saw a snipe, but it was far away. Shortly afterwards, I see a Wheatear and i get some pictures.
After that I decided to go to the other side of the reservoir, just to try get some pictures of the Linnet. During the walk there, I saw a bull finch was odd to see one of those in the green out there, because Iam used to see them in Sweden in the winter.
 The linnet`s was in place, but now it had to start blowing a lot and it was very cold in the wind,  and now it started to rain and hail at times.
I felt no fun being on that side, so I went back to the other side where there was less wind. There, I managed to see a new bird species for me, it was a Golden plower.
I held out for a while, and cycled home at 9:00

I found a white rabbit



Lesser Black-backed Gull.

Common Sandpiper


Golden Plower

Wood Pigeon/Ringduva



  1. Häftig kanin :)
    Såg en kungsörn idag vad det såg ut som. Stor som ett as och mörk hela pippin och en uggla men ingen kamera :/

  2. Jo det var en fin kanin, det vore nice att få en kungsörn på bild.
    Jasså uggla, vad var för uggla då? Kanske en hökuggla.

  3. Vilka fina bilder! Duvan ser nästan målad ut :-D

    1. Tack så mycket Camilla :)
      Jo fåglar är rätt fina, bara man kommer tillräckligt nära dom.