April 28, 2012

Redmire reservoir (birds)

Today I went with a friend Aravind to The Redmires Reservoirs to looking for some birds and water voles to shoot (pictures of course).
The trip to there was somewhat of luxary as I took the bus to last stop, and then we walked last bit (approx 2km). As you probably know, I usually take the bike :)
Unfortunately the weather was not the best, it was blowing quite a lot and it also rained at times.
The wind was enough that we did not see as many birds as I like, but I managed to take pictures of the lovely little bird called Stonechat.
Aravind also managed to get a pic of a water vole, first time for him but to me they are becoming every day things :)
Thanks Aravind for the nice company!!

Meadow pipit


Common Sandpiper

Common Sandpiper



Tufted Duck

Blue colored pheasant ;)

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