May 11, 2012


I was up to redmires to check if the cuckoo had come.
This time, I had a rental car so it felt great to go up 5.30. because you knew that you did not have the killer hill up there, not so fun to bike up there early morning when the body is barely working.
I arrived up at  6:00  And just after 15 minutes  I heard the cuckoo, so it was only to locate where it was. But unfortunately it remained at a distance, or rather, inside the sheep's enclosure which meant I could not get closer to them that moment.
But after half an hour they started to move, I say them because it was probably a female and male who were together.
Then it was just to try to predict where they would fly then, to try to get a good photo opportunity on them.
Managed to get them pretty close, about 25m away from them without camoflauge this time.
I was following them for about 3 h, which was nice, because during the hours it happened things all the time, they where constantly attacked by small birds, and they ate big fat worms which was fun to see.

Facts about the cuckoo: A guite large, long-winged, longtailed gray bird, the cuckoo in spring is familiar to everyone by its call, but not its appearence.
Voice: Familiar loud, bright cuc-coo coo-coo and laughing wha-wha-wha.
Nesting: Lays eggs in Other bird `s nests Usually nine eggs per female, 1 per nest; May-June.
Feeding: Drops to ground to pick up large caterpillar; Also eats small insects.

Flying cuckoo

Resting on a pole

Meadow pipit attacs the cuckoo

More attacs

The Female and Male

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