May 29, 2014

Belfast, Northern Ireland

Last week on Thursday it was my birthday (Yippee!!...) and by accidental planning we were off to Northern Ireland. A car was rented and a provisional route around the entire Northern Ireland planned. Landed in Belfast, but the city we would explore the last day so instead we drove north along the coast following the Causeway Coastal Route, which is just absolutely fantastically beautiful.
More on that later, I start at the end by showing you images from Belfast which is a rather small big city. We managed to see a lot in one day and we thought it was enough. Although if you are planning to visit all the museums you need a whole weekend and it will be great.
Can also confirm that as everybody say, Guinnes tastes much better in Ireland.

This weekend I'm finally visiting London. If you have any 'must see' Let me know!
Grand opera house

City Hall

Saint Anne's Cathedral

Big Fish

SS Nomadic

Titanic Belfast, Museum

Inside Titanic museum

Samson and Goliath

Titanic Quarter

Cool door

In the city somewhere



May 18, 2014

An early morning attempt

A few days ago I tried to get up early and take the bike up to Redmires reservoirs to get few pics of the Cuckoo. Unfortunately I left the flat an hour too late and by doing that missed the cuckoo that already was inside the forest. Cuckoos song is something many will recognize, but not many have actually seen it. I have been lucky to have seen many times flying around the moorlands or sitting on poles looking and waiting for the caterpillars and other delicious food. Anyway, enough about that. Will keep you posted when I make another attempt.
Even without the Cuckoo, I stayed outdoors and enjoyed the weather. Lately it has been wonderfully warm and sunny, so some photos I managed to get. So here they come.
I have 'photographers block' for the moment, hence not many blogs lately... Soon will pass.. :))

Lapwing, look how they are hiding their feet

Water vole

May 12, 2014

Isle of Wight and Jurassic Coast

So the journey continues...
The Isle of Wight is said to be the sunniest place in the whole of UK, and I can confirm that. As we only had one evening and the following morning to explore the island, we did most driving around. Of course we were tourists, so we visit The Needles. Three distinctive stacks of chalk that rise out of the sea and furthest out is a lighthouse that was built already in 1859. From the same location you can visit an old rocket testing center and 2 old artillery gun batteries. Awesome place to visit!
In the afternoon we were back to the bigger island, UK mainland, and now took a drive along the Jurassic coast down to The Durdle Door and Weymouth. The Durdle door being an natural limestone arch. Very impressive sight.
The whole southern coastline is impressive with its steep cliffs and wildlife!
The flowing day, on the way home, there were still two places that we wanted/had to visit. First being a lighthouse far out of Portland, just south of Weymouth, and the second Chesil Beach.
The lighthouse itself is an awful place to be at when high tides and storms. Actually can be lethal.
The beach then, it is 29 km (18 mi) long, 200 m ( 660 ft ) wide, 15 m (50 ft) high, and a part of the UNESCO World Heritage Site.
South coast, worth visiting over and over again!                                                             

Isle of wight and chalk cliffs

The Needles

The Needles

The needles

Yarmouth, Isle of wight
Durdle door info

Jurassic coast near Durdle door

Durdle door

Durdle door

Near Durdle door

Portland Lighthouse

Chesil beach info

Chesil beach

Chesil beach

May 8, 2014


Last weekend was a long weekend here in England, so we took the opportunity to travel down to the south. Having the Isle of Wight as our furthest destination. The island is a very good representative for UK, as many other places. There is lots to see and do, everything from slot machines to hiking to garlic farms :)
Anyhow, back to the beginning. Our trip actually started on Friday late afternoon when we drove down to Northampton. Why there, because it close to the Coton manor and its incredible garden. A privately owned garden with a beech forest and the largest bluebell population in full bloom in the whole of UK right now. As it is private, they are actually clearing out the forest a bit so that the bluebells can grow tightly and there is not much debris in the pictures :)
Unfortunately a tripod or monopod cannot be used, and the garden is only open between 12-17 when the light is so harsh. Anyhow, it was awesome to see. 60% of the world's bluebells are here in England and they thrive only in forests that are old enough. Amazing....
After couple of hours wandering around the garden it was time to drive down to Isle of Wight. As earlier mentioned, an amazing little island just outside of Southampton. Pictures from there in the next blog....