May 31, 2012

Early morning with the cuckoo

On Monday, before I would take the car to the rental agency, I thought I'd like to take me to Redmires reservoir early in the morning.
The clock alarmed already 4:40 and after a quick sandwich, I was going.
The reason that I go away so early, is that I have seen the cuckoo appears to be active in the early morning.
Came out to the reservoirs around 5:00  down with the car window and immediately I heard the cuckoo, drove the car a little closer to the place where they appeared to be. Then it was just to go where the sounds came from, it was not easy to enter the place because it is fully open.
So they where scared of course, but I brought the camoflauge today so I went up to a hill near a tree where they used to land.
Pulled on me the camo and waited, it took maybe half an hour, and they were back, I sat about 6 m away from them.
One of the cuckoo came from behind and flew about 3 m above me laughing on their special way, then where I'm a little frightened was not quite prepared for it. :) :)
I spent about 4 hours to check out this pair, they flew away at times but always returned after a while. Unfortunately was the morning sun rise quite high before I got the first pictures of them and then it was against the sun also which is not really ideal. While I sat there under the camo, I saw something flying towards me, it looked like a bird of  prey.  but unfortunately it was too close before I could react.
So I took some pictures from behind only to identify it later when I'm home.
The bird was apparently a Short-eared Owl, it was sad to miss the photo opportunity, but now I know they're there.

It was this one who came from behind and landed 6 m from me (male)

Female, listening for the camera shutter noice

Same female

The male sitting 60m away

It was not only cuckoo this morning (Reed Bunting/sävsparv)

Goldfinch/stegligts in morning light

I think the cuckoo is eaten these.

Some kind of moss flower.


  1. flyger göken eller har den landat?
    fin den lilla färggranna

    1. Nej den har landat, den satt där i ca 30 sec och lyssnade på kamera smattret :)
      Jo steglitsarna är fina, oftast ser man dom i sverige på vintern i bärbuskar.
      Men jag vet inte ifall dom finns så långt norrut.