May 22, 2012

Hiking in Edale, part 1 (Kinder Scout route)

Last Thursday, 17/5, we met some of my wifes workmates from Stockholm at Edales hostel for a four day hike. They come with taxi from Manchester while we were to take the train from Sheffield. On our way from the Edale rail station we met a happy and hungry bunch on their way towards the pubs :))
That day there was not plan on hiking as we arrived around 11, and everybody was hungry and longed for their first ale/beer of this weekend. However, we ate some lunch at The Ramblers Inn then took the train back to Hathersage for some outdoor shopping. One other big thing to visit in Hathersage, not to be missed, is the Little Johns grave. After some walking, shopping and sightseeing it was time for the dinner and more ales/beersWe were back to the hostel around 21, did some planning around the next day hike, food and pubs of course. We decided that we would take the long walk, around the Kinder Scout Moors, although the weather did not seem to be the best.
On Friday morning we were wake by 8 eager to start. We had the English version of breakfast at the hostel, made the lunch (pasta sallad) and then at 10 we were on our way.
The first part was a bit steep, probably about 200m ascent in a relatively short distance, but after that it was almost flat for the remaining 22km.
It was quite windy on the plateau, around 9-10m / s, but we had planned the route so that we would have the tailwind most of the time. The couple of km that we had headwind was not fun at all!! Plan your routes!! 
The views were amazing, as well the rock and stone formations, but probably we would have enjoyed it even more if the wind was not pushing us on.
More to come on the remaining days..

On the train to Hathersage

On the way up to Kinder Plateau

Lunch time

The moorland

Kinder plateau

Weird rocks

Some scrambling

Nice wood bridge

Kinder Downfall without water


  1. Fina bilder kompis!, speciellt gamla träbron där du fått effekterna från det rinnande vattnet och den klara grönskan. Riktigt utställnings motiv!!.
    Mvh Johan S.

    1. Tack johan! Det var lite synd att jag inte kunde bära stativet med mig, inte så lätt att experimentera med slutartider då. Och stor risk för skakoskärpa :)