May 24, 2012

Hiking in Edale, Part 2

Then it was time for the three remaining days. Third day's adventures, we would visit a village called Castleton and there eat some lunch. And after that go to winnats pass, which looks pretty nice with the high cliffs and the green grass.The weather did not seem so promising, it was pretty much fog on the peaks. We started walking at 10  from the hostel towards Mam Tor and then over the ridge, from here we had a view of Castleton which was only a few kilometers away now. We continued walking down the valley and crossed a few mines and caves that you could visit, but that is for another time. In castleton we ate lunch and drank a beer / ale to it. After that it was time for winnats pass and it did probably not disappoint  anyone. from there we went an another route to the hostel,  the fog was now close at higher elevations where we went but it was easy walking on big paths so it was no problems. That day, we went for about 2o km we would just go 14 km :)Fourth day: we would take a little bit easier walking towards Lady Bower reservoir, round it, and then back. Although it was 20 km to go,  this trek was the easiest so far, because it was pretty flat and easy to walk especially around the lake. And now it was even sunny and warm. This hike went through a lot of different woods ranging from pine, spruce, beech, larch, birch which I like.Fifth day: So would my wife's colleagues be picked up by a taxi at 16  so we took the opportunity to go a little less round to Edale direction but on the mountain, the plan was that we would just  take it easy up on some rocky edge. But while we sat there on the cliff and sunbathing for a while,  a few of us started a plan to continue walking around some more. :) Said and done 5 people wanted to go a little more so they went and the others stayed behind to sunbathe. We would then meet down in Edale for a last beer and further travel to the hostel. It was pleasant five days with great company, and we were lucky with the weather also, they had promised much rain and wind a few days before, but luckily it turned for the better.
Edale and kinder plateau

Mam Tor

Kinder Plateau

Kinder Plateau,  Grindslow knoll

The beginnig at Winnats pass

In the middle of Winnats pass


The sun warming up the moor

Green moss

Flower field

Lady Bower

Beech forest at Lady Bower

Nice colours on the tree trunk

Foggy Back Tor


  1. Grön mossa....Vilken färg är den annars? ;)

  2. Jaja ibland går det fort när man skriver och inte tänker till :-P
    Men det finns säkert andra moss färger oxå ;)