June 10, 2013

Photo contests

I have during my time as photographer sent in some contributions to various photo contests.
As you probably guessed this might cost, and it can vary from £0 to £30.
To compete with the images might sound strange, I mean how can anyone judge whether one's images are good or bad...? You have to consider if its sharp, the light in it, angles, composition. Yes, there is a lot of things that need to be "perfect" for a picture to win.
But one of the biggest "issues" are that the picture must appeal to those who are judging.
I think there is a lot luck involved when competing with pictures.
But, if you are lucky and win something at the bigger competitions, then you can get quite a lot of money or gadgets but also get that picture published in major magazines and also get a lot of attention in other media. Which of course can be fun especially if you want to progress from a hobby photographer to more serious. This could be the start of your career.

I have so far competed in a Swedish photo contest on Fotosidan.se and got a 5th place but also an honorable mention on another image in the same contest.
Another one is in one of the English magazines, Digital Camera, where I got the 3rd place.
But the biggest thing is that I am in the finals with two images on one of the English major photo contest, British Wildlife Photographer award. And that feels as funny as hell ;)))

Here are the pictures that have been in magazines and competitions.
My Hovering Chaffinch in the English magazine

The original picture

My Dipper in the swedish magazine

The original picture, this one also got thru to the final in the big English competition

The swedish magazine

The swedish magazine, Fotosidan Masters competition

And the last one, this got honorable mention in the Swedish fotosidan masters and it also got thru to the big English competition


  1. Fantastiska bilder alla så jag förstår du har skurit lagrar med dem !

  2. Grattis! Jätteroligt verkligen!!!

  3. Så roligt, bilderna är fantastiskt fina!! Grattis :))

  4. Vad kul! Dina fågelbilder är verkligen imponerande, måste ha krävt massor med arbete och tålamod.

  5. De är fina bilder allihop och förtjänar vidare uppmärksamhet. Hoppas det går bra!
    / Deerhunter

  6. Tack så mycket allihopa :))

  7. GRATTIS till framgångarna!!! :-)


  8. Kul! Håller tummarna att det går vägen i BBC wildlife. Har själv aldrig skickat in bilder till någon tävling även om tanken funnits. Kanske nästa gång ;0)


    1. Tack Erik!
      Självklart måste man prova, det är ju lite spännande också :)