January 29, 2017

India, Kochi and Munnar

So.. back to the India trip..
From Delhi we flew down to the state called Kerala, an its capital the city of Kochi. Did you know that the airport of Kochi is the first one in the world to only run on solar power? That is so cool!
From here we had an 5day fully organized tour of the area with our own car and driver. To be honest, this was quite sweet :) To be taken the different places, with the local guide showing us the best parts. 
First night was spent in Kochi, walking around the city and its alleys, taking a sunset boat tour. The following days we saw the 400 years old traditional Chinese fishing nets, first Portuguese churches and their museums, Jewish quarter, sea side and so much more.
Another 'city' we visited was Munnar which has some of the world's highest tea plantations. You can imagine the surroundings - quite spectacular. Trimmed tea bushes that are planted in straight lines cover the steep hills, breath-taking. This, together with the fog rolling in makes it to a fairytale landscape.
Munnar itself is quite small with only around 2,000 people living there. Even though the city is so small there is both a Catholic church, a mosque and a Hindu temple. Well, there was never a silent moment :)  
But being woken up by a bird choir and the river flow is not a bad way to start a morning, even when it's accompanied by a never ending call for pray by all or one of the religions above :))
Colorful houses in Munnar

Yummy coconut

Kathakali indian classical dance drama

This is a world
famous, ancient,
traditional Marital Art
form of Kerala

Cute monkey

Jewish quarter in Kochi


Chinese fishing nets

tea plantation, Munnar

tea plantation, Munnar

tea plantation, Munnar

January 22, 2017

Impressions of India

Couple of weeks before Christmas we were off to India to join couple of friends (from UK but with origin in India) for loads of sightseeing.
Priyanka and Prashant have arranged with the route - suggested the sights, booked the hotels, boats, trains and airplanes - well, everything to be fair. BEST! Thank U guys so much!

The trip started with four of us meeting up in Mumbai where we spent few days visiting temples, the beach, Gateway of India and loads more. The impression - it is as chaotic as you have seen/heard :)
Especially the traffic, it goes in all directions at the same time filling up every little space with rickshaws (motor and bike), taxis, trucks, bikes, etc etc.. All the honking.. That was an experience where there was no time for hesitation, just Go :) 

After leaving Mumbai we flew to the capital Delhi where the traffic was more 'aggressive', the people more loud, the colours darker and the air much more polluted (heavy thick smog). Despite all of that, the sights were amazing - the Lotus Temple, Qutab Minar, Humayuns Mosque and Tumbes, India Gate..
2h by train south east of Delhi is Agra, mainly famous for the Taj Mahal Temple, but even there so many more sights are breath-taking.
The experience of taking train was 'interesting' too, as we were in the 1st class the trip was probably completely different compared to other options. We got a rose and they just kept feeding us during those 2 h. Much appreciated :)
In Agra beside visiting Taj Mahal  (A must) we also saw the Red Fort with its beautiful red sandstone walls located just a few kilometers from Taj Mahal. There is so much history there that I would love to tell you about, but I'm rather sure I would end up writing a whole book :)

Anyhow, from here we were off to Kerala by airplane and all about that in the next post :)
Global Vipassana Pagoda

A family on a scooter

Taj Mahal

Red forth

Red forth

Busy hotel street in New Delhi

Qutab minor

Qutab minor

Lotus temple

Lotus temple

humayuns tomb

Humayuns tomb

another family ;)