May 29, 2012

Hiking in Snowdonia National Park

Last weekend, was I, my wife and four other Swedish friends away to Wales and Snowdonia National Park to hike.
And we could not have had better weather, it was about 25 C warm and sunny.
We went there after my wife left work at 17 (fri), the journey there was mostly on main roads, so we arrived at the campsite where we would camp at around 21:30.
The actual campsite was an incredibly nice place down in a valley with a lake and small river next to it.
When we arrived it was just putting up the tent, have a beer and plan Saturday's hike then sleep. On Saturday morning we went up 8 had breakfast and then we went away by car to a parking lot a few miles away from there because our route would start, we had planned to go round the Snowdon on mountain ridges. A loop of 10 hours, but unfortunately it was impossible to find parking so we went back to camp and took an alternative route up.
Which was not entirely wrong that either, it was very beautiful to first go down in the flowery valley. And then start the trek up into the rocky landscape.
Halfway up we stopped to rest at a mountain stream with beautiful turquoise water, a few went swimming and the rest just enjoyed the sun.
 Now we had 3 km left to Snowdon peak (1084m.ö.h) and it was getting steeper.
After an hour, so we stopped for some lunch, to fill up some energy to be able to take us the last bit to the top.
Well in place at the foot of the cliff on Snowdon we could see how steep it is, it was probably the hardest climb I've done so far. But once on the way up so it was just to think about reward there is, in the form of a cold beer / cider. :)
Once up there so we took it a bit easy, enjoined the weather and the views of the sea which lay about 40 miles away.
But now it was time to start walking towards the tent again, the slope was even more difficult now, especially for the knees, which now began to hurt a little.
well down again, so we went up again to an another ridge but not as tough pitch this time, but still steep.
We would take a different route home that was shorter but steeper, but even so, the slope covered with grass and hard turf trying to do everything that we might sprain our feet. I managed to trample down a hole that was covered with grass, but it went well this time. Once down after 3 hours (the whole trip took about 8 hours) it was just to jump into the shower and then off to a village to eat some food and drink some cold. On Sunday it was not especially eager to go, and we went to a seaside village for lunch and walk around in an old castle ruin.

Down in the walley

From the ridge when are going back home, Snowdon on left

Map reading

Lägg till bildtext

The Old House

Blue bells on the slope

Cold water

Going in to the valley

The path to Snowdon

nice views

Me resting on the rocky parts to snowdon

very steep

from the top of the snowdon

from an another top

Snowdon from the another top

The lake

Rock with patterns

blue bell forest

Night at the camp site


more night sky with star case.


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    1. Tack broder! Mitt i natten klockan 02.00 helt kolsvart ute, bara jag och massa ugglor. Det var läckert med den klara stjärnhimlen. Men svårt att få till den riktiga skärpan :(

  2. Är det stjärnfall i sista himmel bilden?

  3. jajemen lyckades pricka in det oxå, vadå tur då ;)