April 30, 2016

Whooper swans in Tysslinge

Five weeks back we visited the lake Tysslinge just outside Örebro. The lake is quite long, narrow and shallow which is perfect for all sorts of birds throughout the year but
the highlight is when almost 5000 wooper swans arrives to the fields to feed and socializing
for couple of weeks up to a month before continuing up to the northern parts of Sweden to get chicks. The whole area around the lake is a nature reserve and it`s surrounded by fences so nobody can get too close to them and disturb. Just imagine when 5000 whooper swans "talks" to each others - the noise is pretty cool :))

April 17, 2016

Weekend in Paris

A month ago I and my wife were off to Paris for a 4-day long sightseeing weekend. We kept an eye on the weather forecast and it seemed promising with partly cloudy and around 10-14C, easy decision - summer jacket and thought that it should be enough.
But as you might now be expecting it was overcast, windy and about 5-7 freezing C. I was so frozen and stubborn that I didn't even consider buying an extra sweater.

Honestly, I was not that impressed with Paris nor the avenues or the buildings and its said to be a city of fashion and romantic, nah did not see so much of that either. Maybe the City and the people were a bit tired of the long winter too.
The days were spent walking around everywhere and exploring obviously, we used the metro too which is very easy to understand.
Not sure we ate any typical French food beside the mussels, well and all that cheese and bread we bought in the evening and munched on :))

I realized that I have not blogged in six months, oops, but I'm coming back soon. I just as usual has been so many other things that have taken my time or am I just lazy :)
Anyway, here are some sights from Paris which I thought was difficult to photographed. Enjoy!
Gallery Lafayette

The Louvre

Sacre Cour

Moulin Rouge

Cemetery Montmartre

Ecole Militaire

Jardin du Luxembourg

Arc de Triomphe

Museum of modern art

The Face

Notre Dame