April 28, 2015

Weekend in Rome

Three weekends ago, me, my wife and two of our good friends were off to Rome for a long weekend. It was an amazing feeling to step out from the plane into a spring warm Italy. Just to be able to walk around in a t-shirt makes a lot for a very tired northerner :)
Although a bit funny thing was that many Italians thought it was still cold as themselves they were still wearing thick coats and hats.
The days were spent visiting all these Amazing must-see tourist destinations such as the Colosseum, the Vatican, St. Peter's Church, Appia Antica, etc. Occasional break for eating and drinking :) To be fair, we were constantly full after trying out all these restaurants, drinks and ice cream bars.
I am very much recommending a visit to Rome. Its a fantastic city with loads of history and amazing views.

Hope the pictures are being fair.

Appia Antica; Old roman way

Just a view from the hotel room



Fiat ;)

Jewish quarter

excavations in the town center



Spanish steps


Oldest mosaic in the world

very old rugs on the walls

very old maps on the walls

One of the amazingly painted rooms in the vatikan (Sistine chapel

Sistine Chapel

St Peter`s church

St Peter`s church
Vatikan guards


April 12, 2015

Snowmobile in Kvikkjokk

So, been away again snowmobiling and this time we went whole the way up to Kvikkjokk. Its at the road's end just below Padjelanta and Sarek National Park. We were staying at the Kvikkjokk mountain station for the three days spent there.
For the first two days the weather was awesome, perfect sunshine and just few degrees above zero. We found some great routes with perfect slopes of just powder snow. Fun climbs in birch forests with a lot of small jumps. Just simply nice places.
The last day we set off early, weather a bit more overcast. Occasional snowing in the hills although with clear views in the valley where we were off to play :) 
Going back home we started around 14, not getting far before needing to wait for the car broke down and we had to wait for the tow truck that of course kept us waiting until 20! You can say we were not pleased. Anyhow, eventually we got a rental car and were at home around 2 in the morning.. What an adventure :)
Looking at it afterwards if kind of disappears in all the rest of the fun time.

Till next time, enjoy the spring!
Red fox

Nice views

traces after arctic fox

Brother flying :)

Brother in action


Bullens sausage, lunch.

Me in the birch wood trying to find a way up