May 13, 2012

Two early mornings

Been away to two different places the past few mornings, once to Redmires Reservoirs and the other Rivelin Valley.
To Redmires I went to try finding the cuckoo again, but this time I had the camoflauge with me. Unfortunately no cuckoo turned up :/ , heard it only once in the forrest. Anyhow, the time was not wasted, I took some other pics of Lapwings and water vole etc.
The second morning, I went to the Rivelin Valley and it was dipper I wanted to finda picture of it in flight low over the water. But once in place, it was just to give up the idea, the sun did not reach down in to Valley as expected. No good,  as the shutter speeds is then very low, even if I had the camera's ISO to 8000, the shutter speed was only down to 1 / 400 sec. Which is not enough if wanting sharp pics of dippers in flying, which is only valid if they are flying towards you as you can get them sharp if they fly from the side.
A shutter speed of 1/2000 might be enough, acutally not sure as I have not tried it before.
But it was all the more enjoyable to follow them lying under camoflauget, it seems to work good! I was maybe 3m away from them. :) :) Enjoy the "ordinary" pictures

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