May 8, 2012

Road trip (South west England Part 1)

So, this was the weekend UK celebrated the 1st of May, on the 7th of May. As it is important not to give the opportunity to people to have more spare time than absolutely needed ;))
Anyhow, this meant that were had three days off! Which me and the wify spend on a road trip to south west parts (Devon, Cornwall, Somerset, Dorset etc)
As you can imagin it included a lot of driving, not only because of the small roads but also as it is far far away from Sheffield. Having said that, it was definitely worth all the miles :)) The Landscape is really nice, and some parts took us back to new zeeland.

What did we see? Jurassic coast of course, which is between Exmouth and Swanage.
The Jurassic coast is a world heritage site and it is approx 153 km long, and still u can find fossils there from Triassic, jurassic, and cretaceous period which is from 90-250 millon years ago. (we searched for T-rex but didnt find it)  :) :) Between all of that we had lunch in Axminster at River Cottage cafe! Very very delicous
We saw the famous Durdle door and the white cliffs along very very long beaches.
Looking over the Durdle door was a camp site, which we at first thought was perfect but hear this; a tent spot costs 35 pound and u had to take min 2 nights!! :( :(  70 pounds for a tent place?? No way, that's horrible.. So that evening we ended up at a camp 20km towards Bridport for £20, which is still quite expensive for a tent place, but what to do when u are tired..

More to come :)) ...
The famous durdle door

Durdle door and the white cliffs

On the other side

The sea was pretty calm

Bad quality but it was fun to see the gulls chasing the buzzard

Buzzard looking at his breakfast


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