April 28, 2012

Redmire reservoir (birds)

Today I went with a friend Aravind to The Redmires Reservoirs to looking for some birds and water voles to shoot (pictures of course).
The trip to there was somewhat of luxary as I took the bus to last stop, and then we walked last bit (approx 2km). As you probably know, I usually take the bike :)
Unfortunately the weather was not the best, it was blowing quite a lot and it also rained at times.
The wind was enough that we did not see as many birds as I like, but I managed to take pictures of the lovely little bird called Stonechat.
Aravind also managed to get a pic of a water vole, first time for him but to me they are becoming every day things :)
Thanks Aravind for the nice company!!

Meadow pipit


Common Sandpiper

Common Sandpiper



Tufted Duck

Blue colored pheasant ;)

April 26, 2012

Wyming brook, nature reserve.

Since it has been raining pretty much,  have i not really wanted to go out to photograph.
But because the weather forecast says it will rain for several days, so i just cant keep me.

most go out and shoot. :) And thank god for good  Gore-tex clothes:)
And it fits pretty well because I always wanted to shoot a stream running through the wyming brook nature reserve.
And now that it has been raining a lot, there is pretty much  water flowing there. And that was what I wanted to shoot with longer exposure times. We're talking a few seconds

The reserve is not that big but quite old, it looks like the big trees of  larch, pines and spruce are maybe couple of hundred years old or even older.
It maybe takes 2 hours to walk around all paths.
The small creek that runs through the reserve plunges quite steep for a few hundred meters. estimated 60-80m.

April 24, 2012

Redmire Reservoirs (birds)

Today I took the bike up to redmires Reservoirs, sweaty as usual. :)
It is usually fun to be there, as there is almost always some new bird coming from the south.
And today was no exception, found little ringed plower, snipe, linnet, and a strange blue pheasant.
I took off quite early today, around 6 in the morning, to try to be first there. The chance is bigger of seeing rarities before they are scared away.
Once there, I went all around the three reservoirs and out to the Moorlands. Was not back home until 13.30 *pust*
Foggy morning

Mistle Thrush/Dubbeltrast, with something to eat


Mountain Hare

Kanada Goose


Little ringed plower.

Red grouse

Rock wren



April 22, 2012

Peak District hiking!

Last Saturday I, my wife and her friend from Coventry decided to walk somewhere in the Peak District.
So I found a route on the map that seemed to fit us three. A route of about 14km, which took off from Fairholmes visitor center.
The route took us along the Upper dervent reservoir to Howden reservoir, a distance of about 5km.
The path went further along a trail up the peak plateau. Once up we continued down to the Hope Valley, on to the Snake Pass and then back towards Fairholmes.
The hike was pretty nice where it began, with forrest and water, went on to areas with alpine character, with ravines and ended with forests.
All in all, with coffee and photo breaks, it took us just over 5 hours.

Managed to shoot for me a new bird species, a peregrine falcon and a redstart. I did not get any good pics of the peregrine but on Redstart, which you can see below.
New born lamb

White Mallard/Vit gräsand

Howden reservoir

Peak plateau, Hope valley

Hope valley

New born



Mallard babies

Meadow pipit

April 19, 2012

Botanical Garden

Because it was raining quite much today, i decided go to Botanical Garden.
They have a nice glass pavilion and there i was also safe from the rain.
In there they have a collection of plants from all over the world, including Mediterranean, Asian, American-prairie-style, new zeeland and more.
But unfortunatly it wasnt that much flowers that was in bloom, but some was caught in my camera sensor :) :)
I even was out a little bit for taking some pictures in the rain but it was not fun all.
It rains too much to be fun taking pictures outside. :(