May 4, 2012

Camoflauge Bag

I bought a Camoflauge pouch that you pull over your camera, tripod and possibly a chair. U can of course use it when lying down also. One advantage is that it is easy 500g and packed easily into the enclosed bag.
The purpose of  the camoflauget is of course to try get closer to the wild animals, but we'll see how it will go.
Because even if  i can shoot at fairly long distances, i will get even closer now. The images tend to be so much better that way, allowing more detail and sharpen the image or it's easier to get better sharpness at closer distances. :)
Sometimes you can get remarkably close to the animals, but  the wind must blowing the right direction and thats away from the animals. so you have to keep that in mind also.

Here is some pictures of the camo and older pictures of White-tailed Eagle and a raven chasing it .Look how small the raven is compared to the Eagle and raven is quite large bird.
Now me and my wife is going for a holiday in south of England, coming back monday with fresh pics.
so see u. ;)

The White-tailed Eagle photos are taken in the Stockholm archipelago


  1. Ser mer ut som kastnät :)
    Trodde det skulle vara mer camo men den gör säkert sitt syfte :)

    1. Jo den är lite tunn men med mörkare kläder där inne så blir det nog fint.