October 22, 2013

Road Trip in U.S, Yellowstone and Grand Teton NP

So we are down to the last blog post in the ‘Road trip in the U.S.’ series.

So, from Zion we were to go whole the way up to Yellowstone. A short trip
of 11h, as you can imagine there is some sarcasm in that comment. During
the 11h going north the surrounding really changed drastically, to ‘proper’
forests with deciduous trees, pines and fir.
The final goal of this trip was Yellowstone, but actually just before
entering it there is another rather large National Park called Grand Teton.
More or less going into each other to be honest.
If I have not said this enough times, but wow what amazing place it is.
Just wonderful views with high mountains in the background.
We were staying in a lodge just outside Yellowstone boarders and to be
honest it was very good with a warm bed as the temperature dropped below
zero :)
Following morning after a quick breakfast we were off for a full day of
just exploring Yellowstone.
Many photo stop along the way, hoards of bison, elks, coyotes, various
deer, birds and bears which we saw on our last day while driving out from
the NP.
But we were not there only for the animals, Yellowstone is also famous for
its volcanic activity such as huge geysers and other features that were
bubbling and hissing. Some of them are smelling rather bad.
Yellowstone is classed as a super volcano and last time it erupted was
about 600,000 years and actually according to the calculations next one
should happen any day :) What they have noticed is that there is more and
more activity, but it still can be more than 100,000 years before next
This is the first national park in the world, and huge. In the middle of it
is the caldera, 70km long and 30km wide that has its own Grand Canyon :)
The days there were spend sightseeing, and there is just not enough time to
cover it all.
One of few hikes we did was around Grand Prismatic Spring that is the third
largest in the world. Amazing colors, as you can see in the picture below,
but to get an overview we needed to walk a bit.
This is one of those places that one dream of visiting due to all nature
films, and I would gladly spend few months here taking pictures and
Just a week after we got back it had been a snowstorm in the area and came
almost 90cm. 90% of the park is closed during the winter months so that the
animals can get some rest.

During the two weeks there, we travelled for 6000km and it took 72h :) A
lot, but totally worth it!
Grand Prismatic Spring

Bull Elk

Grizzly Bear
The Grand Canyon of Yellowstone

Grand Prismatic Spring

The Grand Teton and Bison

Frosty Morning

Mammoth Hot Spring

Mammoth Hot Spring


Bull elk

Upper Falls of Yellowstone River

The Roaring mountain

One of the big flat areas in Yeloowstone, bison in the middle

Grand Teton, 4.199 m


  1. Makalösa bilder av en så storslagen natur!! Man vill ju bara dit! Ni måste vara grymt nöjda med er resa :))

  2. Njuter, njuter, njuter ... :)
    Underbara inlägg från din resa och många många fina bilder!
    Hälsningar Halina

  3. Sagolika bilder du visar upp! Skulle ljuga om jag inte säger jag är avundsjuk, mycket avundsjuk...De här värmekällorna. Påverkar de djurlivet under vinterhalvåret i någon utsträckning? Hör de bitarna till de nedstängda? Slog mig bara att i så fall kunde de utgöra fantastisk plats för fotografer/filmare med tillstånd. Scenerierna i dessa inlägg har varit enastående, även för en skåning...:)
    / Deerhunter

  4. Thank you all for your nice comments.

    Klas: Värmekällorna påverkar defenitivt djurlivet under den hårda vintern, det finns färska växter och så gillar många av djuren att njuta av värmen i anslutning till dom. Såg fantastiska bilder på plats i Yellowstone som var fotade under vintern, så det går säkert att komma dit på nåt sätt.

  5. Makalösa bilder från din USA resa, bilderna från nationalparkerna lämnar en mållös verkligen.

  6. Wow så grymt mäktigt att möta grizzlyn och som vanligt galet fina bilder!

  7. Tack Tobias och Broder, kul att bilderna gillas :)

  8. Vackra storslagna bilder! Härligt att du fick se en björn och att den var så nära. Kanon bild på björnen, men min favorit bild är nog den där man ser bison på prärien och bergen i bakgrunden.