March 20, 2015

Snowmobiling around Arvidsjaur.

So I'm back from another awesome weekend at my brothers in Kalix. 
Actually it was awesome only for the first 2 days when we were off to Arvidsjaur having great weather, sunny with few degrees above zero and lots lots of snow, as I after that got the stomach bug and spend 2 remaining not doing much.
Lets focus on first 2 days :)
Even through we would start quite early in the morning there was usually always around 3 h car driving to the places we wanted to drive around at. The nature was really nice, mixture of steep slopes, old tall firs and open areas with smaller jumps. In other words just fun playgrounds for a snowmobile :) 
The snow was not at all the same as in January-February. Now much more packed but we would still manage to get stuck 'few' times and as usual it got very sweaty. Its just part of the game :) Another difference is the length of the day. At this time of the year you get so many more hours to have fun with. Which you most definitely can feel in the sore muscles.

Next trip is of course booked and it will be during the Easter. We will then be going up to Kvikkjokk for the whole weekend. I'm looking forward to it but the trip is a bit of a danger as my brothers snowmobile is broken... Anyhow, I will be travelling north but maybe with less snowmobiling #notpleased

Till next time dear friends

Stuck in a ditch :)