October 2, 2013

Road Trip in U.S, Los Angeles

Time for the pictures from the 'road trip' in The States.

Let's start at the beginning, the trip was to start and end in Los Angeles, so in total we would have two full days to explore it. Obviously iy's not enough, but hopefully this is not the last time.
It might feel odd, but I will show you pictures from both occations in this post.

When arriving we stayed on the south side of LA, close to the gorgeous Hermosa Beach. So of course the first day was spent walking along it, and just after a few minutes we saw both dolphins, pelicans and few surfers (not that unusual as you might suspect :) ) But actually the first day was just spent enjoyed the warm weather.
On our last day, we stayed at Santa Monica beach where the famous muscle beach is. Unfortunately we did not really see any 'proper' body boulders but people keep in shape! Everywhere you could see people running, cycling, walking, rollerskating along the beach promenade.
Of course we also saw parts of Hollywood and Beverly hills, but just because we needed to find/see the Hollywood sign :) and wow how small it is. Even if the houses were luxurious here, the beach property would be prefered (if I ever would have a choice)

When first arriving I thought that this would be a city for me, but when actually seeing the traffic, NO WAY!

Anyhow, this is few of the pictures from LA, and next is Yosemite where also the trip took us.

Santa Monica Pier
Muscle beach at Santa monica

Santa Monica Pier


  1. Fin solnedgång, granna glödande färger!
    Ser fram emot naturbilderna ;)

  2. Ser ut som en härlig resa! Så vackert med solnedgång och måsarna.

  3. Gillar verkligen hur du fick sandformationerna att synliggöras!! Snyggt!

  4. Häftig med rocka på beachen som verkar "rocka hårt" eller hur ungdomar säger dessa yttersta dagar. Sen gillar jag fotografen på rullskridskor. Paparazzi i DNA´t, alldeles säkert.
    / Deerhunter

  5. Vilka härliga bilder! :-) Rullskridskoåkaren verkar ha fullt upp! :-)


  6. Sköna bilder som förstärker den bild jag har av detta ställe, trots att jag aldrig varit där. Du har fångat LA stränder i det bästa ljuset mycket snyggt.


  7. ÅÅÅ så underbart med dessa himmelska färger och alla vadarna!

  8. Tack o bock för era kommentarer :)