June 28, 2015

Weekend hike at Bergslagsleden

In mid-May we were, including my wife's little sister and her husband, off for a hike along two parts of the Bergslagsleden. Routes combined stretching from Mogetorp to Pershyttan at a distance of about 34km.  
We had divided the route in two as it was rather simple, mostly through forest with few steeper sections. We had tents with us, but my wife and I chose to sleep in shelters which we stopped by when making dinner and lunch (well planned) This was actually the first time I slept in shelters, typical one can be seen in third pic. Spring is a great time to hike, with all the flowers and trees in bloom although do not expect always to be able to sleep outdoors as it does have rather chilly nights. We do have some pretty good sleeping bags that can be used down to -30C so it wasn't an issue :)  
To keep us even warmer we did enjoy lots of good food and wine, which is crucial :) While on the topic, the lake water can be used in cooking and to drink after boiling it for 10min. Best is to stop along the route and ask at somebodies summer house/croft to fill up as there are very few fresh water spring, Very few.
During our last night and in the morning it was pouring rain. We were then very pleased to be sleeping in the shelter :) It now only remained 7km to the car and then an incredibly delicious lunch at Grythyttans Värdshus, so we packed and set off. Would actually say it was a perfect spring hike
Some general info, in this part of Bergslagsleden there are many remains of charcoal kilns and mill blast furnaces as they were used extensively during the 1200-1800's which gives this hike another dimension. Highly recommended route!

Rusakulan 265m above sea level

Stones from blast furnaces

Cosy wind-shelter

Nice Pig :)

One of many Crofts

Cool pattern painted on a chimney in a wind-shelter

Heavy rain :(