November 22, 2015

Beech forest autumn glow

This autumn came somewhat later compared to earlier years so it wasn't till  beginning of November we were off to Sundbyholm (outside Eskilstuna) to shoot the amazing colors of the beerch forest.
As the weather changed rather quickly so did the colors of the leafs too, from green to bare trees in just two weeks.. Swoosh...

Why this forest you might wonder, well it is counted as the largest and most northern non-planted beech forest in Sweden. There may be smaller higher up in the country but not even close to this one.
Also, there is this beautiful avenue that dates all the way back to the 1700:s that leads up to Sundbyholm castle. Definitely worth a trip if you are around!

November 8, 2015

Weekend in Dalarna

As mentioned earlier we are doing our best to enjoy and explore our gorgeous Sweden. This time heading off to Dalarna and a small village Tällberg famous for its beautiful location on the shore of lake Siljan. Puls to it all being that it has good SPA hotels; sauna here we come! 
Dalarna is famous for its decorated wooden horses (Dalahästen), Mora knifes, Falu red paint, special architecture of the wooden houses, Falu copper mine (UNESCO world heritage site) and of course traditional midsummer celebrations.
In the end we didn't spend that much time in the spa as we were just having too much to do and see. Hiking in the amazing autumn colors where paths were bathing in bright yellow leafs fallen of the birch trees. Do I have to say anything more?
I was out both evenings/nights taking pictures of the MilkyWay hoping to get a glimpse of Aurora. It had made appearance earlier that week but not while we were there :) Better luck next time!
And it will be a next time as we have to see this amazing area during spring time. Expectations are high.
View from Tällberg with Lake Siljan in the background.
Lake Siljan, early morning
Birch trees
MilkyWay with Lake Siljan in the foreground.
Dala-pig, dala-hourse and dala-rooster 

Even the old phone booths are decorated

Lake Siljan from the shore in Mora

Beautiful colors and reflections from Hjortnäs Brygga

Sunset at Lake Siljan

Lake Siljan

Falu Copper mine