August 23, 2015

Last pics from New York

Here comes the final pics from our trip to New York. Most of them taken during the boat cruise around Manhattan. 3½h well spent! To see this city from another perspective and also get a grip of how its connected to the main land with these awesome bridges, worth every minute.
Another site well worth a visit is of course Times Square. Crowded but has to be seen in both day and night time :))
But the best of all was the Empire State Building. Which we visited early one evening in order to, as on Times Square, see the views and the skylines in different lights. It is worth buying the ticket in advance online! You avoid the long time consuming queues :))

Just back from a week of holiday in Poland and Tatra mountains. Cannot believe how fast the time has passed. The trip was awesome, those pics to come :))

Until next time, See you later aligator


The view from 230fifth (rooftopbar)

View from Empire state building to south Manhattan, Brooklyn

View from Empire state building to the north Manhattan

View from Empire state building to east Manhattan, Long Island

View from Empire state building to west Manhattan, hudson river and New Jersey and also Madison square garden

North Manhattan Times square in the left corner

August 15, 2015

New York (part 1/2)

The whole first week of July we were off to New York city! Lucky enough to having a friend with an apartment that is on the New Jersey with a view of Manhattan. With a 10min ferry across the Hudson river we were in town :)
It was really nice to be 'on the side' as it was a 'bit quieter". Still it was Always some kind of 'noise'; honking, emergency vehicles sirens, police cars, people, AC etc... Not sure why some chose to live in the middle of it all.
As it happens, we were fortunate to be a part of the 4th of July celebrations. Independence day!
It was great to see how families gathered in parks or along the beaches to hang out, relax and do some BBQ, in order to late in the evening gather around Manhattan to see a spectacular fireworks display that lasts 25min shot up from four barges between Brooklyn and Manhattan. Awesome!!
Beside that, we walked as one should in a big city as we wanted/had to see a lot and actually we have probably seen all neighbourhoods on Manhattan. Even beyond it, we were over to Brooklyn and its stunning bridge. There are plenty of steel bridges and the architecture of them ALL is just breathtaking. Lots of details.
One of the days we walked 35km excluding an early morning run in Central Park adding 10km to it all. As you can imagine, we didn't have any issues sleeping :)
Brooklyn bridge

Famous hot dogs

4th of july, independence day

Manhattan skyline 4th of july

9/11 memorial place

Flatiron building

Nice graffiti, taken from the highline

Nice walk at the higline

cool mexican food place and also very yummy

Grand central

Guggenheim museum


One of those cool bridges

In the city