March 24, 2019

Bohemian Waxwing

Just outside where I work there are few rowan-berry trees, and last autumn they were stop over for flocks of waxwings on their way south. While refuelling they are not shy and I managed to take few pics.

January 27, 2019

Sonfjället Nationalpark

I know I've said this before, but now I'm back :)
Been busy with moving house, Christmas and New Year- holidays and now 'just' settling in. You know, a house is a never ending story..
Nevertheless I have been out shooting, and let start by going through some pictures from the Son Fjället National Park that we visited last autumn in hopes of capturing the autumn coloured forests. Unfortunately we came a week too late. Despite that, we got a fantastic long weekend with wonderfully clear, sunny, crispy days and similar nights with wonderful starry sky and even Northern Lights.



November 10, 2018

Windy day at lake vättern

In the end of September, there was a storm raging along the west coast that also was said to effect the Lake Vättern. You can imagine, I had to be there and catch the waves and feel the storm. 
Early that morning me and my wife hit the road, 'unfortunately' the storm had already passed the area during the night. It wasn't storm any more, although the winds were still at around 25 m/s.
The spot I chose has steep rocks plunging straight down into water, and due to wind direction the waves would hit them straight on. The strength of the storm dropped quickly so we just got few hours of shooting.
Better luck next time :))

October 20, 2018

Torres del Paine, chilean Patagonia

Here we go again, more pics from wonderful Patagonia. By now we have moved south to Torres del Paine National Park passing the border over the Chile, around 5 h by car from El Chalten. 
Its easy to get around in Torres del Paine - lots of hiking trails, and as you can drive around the area you can 'see' much more. Its famous for its powerful winds and we really enjoyed it one day when it was so blowing that the water was pulled upwards from the lakes to create heavy rain and fog, awesome to experience. Once again we had amazing weather even in the storm that hit the area one of the days. Staying over night in the park is not cheap, starts at around 2500 SEK and well, it doesn't really have an end. The views from the rooms and being close to the park and the trails makes up for it. You can get away a bit cheaper, although then spend minimum 1.5h in the car getting to/from closest city on rather bad dirt roads. As usual, we did loads of day trips and just enjoyed the views. 
One of the 'must' is the hike to the Mirador las Torres, the Three granite pillars, where the hike itself ends at 2000m and the actual peak is just over 3000m. Many do it by night to get the sunrise postcard pictures as the sun rays are hitting the pillars, we did not :)) Have to save something for next time ;))
There is so much more to be said about that place, but it's best experienced. Go there!

lake pehoe
cool clouds

rain, sun and iceberg

lago del grey

lago nordenskjöld and the storm


mirador los torres

Chilean flamingos


October 12, 2018

Bird migration

During August and September I have been out just before the sun sets in order to capture migrating birds. They are now moving to warmer latitudes - cranes, ducks, starlings, and loads of different geese.
It's quite remarkable to see and hear several thousand cranes and geese lifting from the fields where they've been feasting during the day to fly off to a sheltered place to rest for the night.
It's just as impressing in the mornings as they fly back to the fields for search of the food.

Sometimes there is a bonus - all these amazing sunset, and if you are a bit more lucky, there will be a little rainbow framing it all in.

September 23, 2018

Fitz roy hike, Patagonia

Not being so active here lately, but as mentioned before - too many fun things to do :) Might change now when colder/darker times come. 
Any how let us continue with pictures from Wonderful Patagonia. From El Calafate we continued our journey to El Chalten, around 3.5 hours north, to hike up to Fitz Roy, 3 405 m high. 
El Chalten is Argentine trekking capital, where the village it self is full of adventurers and back packers. Again! we were lucky with the weather as it had snowed a bit during the night but in the morning the sun was shining. Perfect for the trek that is 26km and should take about 8 h. Tough at some parts but then rewarding when getting to the viewpoint at the lake Laguna de los Tres. Magnificent. 
Enjoyed the sunny trek, and the 2 pilsner we drank at the top. Few jealousy looks ;)
On the way down we saw condors flying along the mountain sides and the Patagonian Parakit but the coolest was the Magellanic woodpecker that made an appearance with his family in the rugged South American beech forest, oh and the austral pygmy-owl with his catch. So many cool thing, I get speechless when thinking about of the views, the nature, the animal... everything
A great day that ended with some cold ones and a tasty burger.

Austral pygmy-owl
Viewpoint Laguna de los Tres
The road to El Chalten

View towards Fitz Roy
Magellanic woodpecker

Stitched Panorama of 4pics

Almost there

The desert between El Calafate and El Chalten

 Someone had fun :))

Fitz Roy from distance

The lonely condor