May 16, 2012

Beech forest in Rivelin Valley

Today, just after lunch I biked down to the Rivelin Valley to take pictures of the beautiful beech forest. For it is now they're at their finest with their bright leaves.
There seem to be only the upper part, which has beech a few hundred meters.
Some of the trees are huge do not know how old they are, but thickest are about 1m in diameter. So maybe a couple of hundreds years old.
Since the river is down in a valley, so it is pretty nice when the sun shines down through all the leaves. Walked around there for a few hours and also looked for the dipper, who was busy feeding their small ones.
From thursday-monday I`am going to hiking in the Peak District, so there will be no blogging during that time.
So see u on tuesday. :) :)

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