June 3, 2012

Mixed pictures from the week

This time it will be some mixed pictures from the week that soon will be over. Have, been to redmires in the evening to try and take pictures of owl, but no owls were found. But it was nice to watch the sunset in the heat. Since I have been two trips down to the Rivelin Valley, which now is very dark because of the dense leaf forest. But it is quite nice, when the sun tries to break down to the valley, nicely with the dark and light. Down in the Rivelin has the Mayflies started to hatch, but unfortunately it was only a few days. Did not get the pictures I wanted, I thought a picture of a hatching Mayfly would be nice. But it may well be next year: ( Otherwise, I have taken some macro photos of insects, flowers and stuff. Today Sunday as the rain pours down, so it is well to sit at home and wait for better weather. Hopefully, I'm off tomorrow and then maybe Redmires at evening and hunt for owl continues. See U


Rivelin Valley


Mayfly, the biggest one (body 20-40mm)

Heavy rain


Nice little flower

Hmm whats this hairy thing

Long-tailed tit

Nice golden colours



  1. Väldigt fina bilder kompis!, speciellt regndropparna och solnedgången.

  2. Tack o bock, kul att du gillade dom. :)

  3. Håller med att dropparna var snajsiga och många andra bilder förstås! =)