July 18, 2014

Long weekend in Brecon Beacon National Park

I know, I know, it has not been that many posts lately. I'm finding it extremely difficult to motivate myself and photograph right now.
Anyhow, last weekend we were off to South Wales and a National Park named Brecon Beacons.
It has southern England's highest peak, Pen y Fan which is at 886m. Maybe doesn't sound that high, but it is rather impressive so close to the sea and as far south. We managed with two hikes, one called The Horseshoe and it passes 3-4 highest peaks in the area of course including Pen y Fan. The walk is easy with some steeper inclines that felt in the thighs :) Still about 15km long.
The first day's was the so called Waterfall Trail. A really nice path through the forest and it felt a bit like walking through a rainforest with all the water, all the green and moss everywhere. This hike would also be at about 14-15km but we had a bad map and a poor reader (me) ;) so that ended up being about 20km instead.

This weekend, we were meant to go to the Cairngorms NP in Scotland. Unfortunately it seems the weather is going to be bad, so we lets see if south England offers something instead again.


  1. Oj så vackert och så vackra foton på det:-)

  2. Vackert! Vad fint det är med vattenfall.

  3. Med så många fina motiv hoppas jag din fotosjuka snart ska kureras. Mest intressant av bilderna fann jag trean vara. Med sitt slöjliknande, lätta vattenmoln och folk i omväxlande skärpa och i rörelseo- en innehållsrik skildring med flera bottnar att fundera över.
    / Deerhunter

  4. Vilken härlig natur, ser ut som regnskogen!
    Iskallt vatten antar jag? :)

  5. Riktigt fina bilder, du förmedlar naturen på ett utmärkt sätt !

  6. Vilken natur!! Så himla vackert!!

    Finfina bilder på grävlingen och höken också!! :)