November 10, 2018

Windy day at lake vättern

In the end of September, there was a storm raging along the west coast that also was said to effect the Lake Vättern. You can imagine, I had to be there and catch the waves and feel the storm. 
Early that morning me and my wife hit the road, 'unfortunately' the storm had already passed the area during the night. It wasn't storm any more, although the winds were still at around 25 m/s.
The spot I chose has steep rocks plunging straight down into water, and due to wind direction the waves would hit them straight on. The strength of the storm dropped quickly so we just got few hours of shooting.
Better luck next time :))


  1. Senast jag var på platsen var sjön lugn med bara små hävningar på ytan. I dina bilder mer det rytande monstret. Tror det blir dags för mig att bege mig dit en annan gång. Bra bildidé, tycker jag.
    / Deerhunter

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