July 23, 2013


I have started to look through the pictures from  the Skomer island journey that was made recently, a fantastic little island with lots of birds.
The journey there was long, took us 6.5 hours but it was worth it, I really like that kind of places where you will be close to the bird / wildlife.
Skomer island can be reached by boat and as the boat out there is so popular and they take only 150 people there every day.
The first boat went off at 10 and then 11 and 12. Since I had read on the internet that the tickets could go very quickly to all three departing boats we were in place already 6:30 we stayed at a campsite nearby.
So at 10:15 we were on the island and got a  brief survey about the island of where we could find various bird sites and other info. Then me and my wife had until 15.00 on us to see and photograph what we wanted.
We first went to the center of the island which is not so big either it is about 2.5 km in diameter, so you can walk all around the island on 4-5hours but we decided to go to the middle and lower part where it was most birds .
In the middle of the island we had opportunity to see the little owl and short-eared owl, but unfortunately we only saw a short-eared owl in the distance, so we went on to puffins instead.
Another thing about the island is that it has holes in the ground everywhere, because many of the birds here make nests underground so you had to stick to the trails, it was otherwise a great risk of destroying nesting places.
We stayed for a while at the puffins place, they are so cute to look at especially when you can get so close to them, the trail went right through their settlements and we could almost touch them so close was they.
Photo wise it was lousy because it was bright sunshine.

If you want, you can stay overnight on the island but you have to book at least six months in advance because it is so popular. But then you have probably a better chance for good pictures and then you can even see the Manx shearwater because they only is coming in to land and their nests under the dark hours, but it should probably be a sight for this is the world's largest colony of  them, about 150000par.
I will first put out pictures of Chough which is also a special bird, found here on the island and around Wales and some parts of Ireland and England's shores.

Young Chough/Alpkråka wants food

On a walk

Finally some food

Not the best guality on this picture


  1. Verkar ju vara ett trevligt ställe. Fantastiska väntetider du berättar om. Fågelskådning är en turistgren som verkar kunna bli hur stor som helst. Och i pengar få kosta dess utövare lika mycket.
    / Deerhunter

    1. Det var definitivt värt att åka dit även om vi var ute i sista minuten, med tanke på att fåglarna lämnar ön.
      Ja vad ska man säga om väntetiderna mer en att det är helt sjukt att behöva gå upp så tidigt för att se fåglar ;)