July 14, 2012

A little walk at Lady Bower

Today I took the bus to Lady Bower, it's been a while I was there last. The goal was to take pictures of the beech forest, but once in place it looked so dull and dark so I tried to find something else to shoot instead. So I put on the macro lens and started looking for insects, but it was not so easy to find them either, found some bug.
 I dont know but today it was hard to find motivation and imagination was not the best either. : (
Then I went down to River Dervent because there I have seen a small waterfall, which I thought might be able to get a good picture off.
But it was not so good that either, the waterfall was very bright, compared with the rest of the surrounding environment. So I tried with gradient filters but it still was a bit over exposed. But so it can be when taking pictures in the middle of the day.
Now I had been out for 4 hours and the bus would come soon so I went to Lady Bower inn and took me a beer before I went home. But in between I walked through a field of flowers and there i tried to find some butterflies, find one that i had to chase after, because every time i came close it flew away.
After i while a came close enough, it was not the brightst colored butterfly i have seen but still nice :) :)

Click on the picture to enlarge them!!


Nice patterns

Some kind of fungal

The Water fall

The Butterfly


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