April 26, 2012

Wyming brook, nature reserve.

Since it has been raining pretty much,  have i not really wanted to go out to photograph.
But because the weather forecast says it will rain for several days, so i just cant keep me.

most go out and shoot. :) And thank god for good  Gore-tex clothes:)
And it fits pretty well because I always wanted to shoot a stream running through the wyming brook nature reserve.
And now that it has been raining a lot, there is pretty much  water flowing there. And that was what I wanted to shoot with longer exposure times. We're talking a few seconds

The reserve is not that big but quite old, it looks like the big trees of  larch, pines and spruce are maybe couple of hundred years old or even older.
It maybe takes 2 hours to walk around all paths.
The small creek that runs through the reserve plunges quite steep for a few hundred meters. estimated 60-80m.

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