April 24, 2012

Redmire Reservoirs (birds)

Today I took the bike up to redmires Reservoirs, sweaty as usual. :)
It is usually fun to be there, as there is almost always some new bird coming from the south.
And today was no exception, found little ringed plower, snipe, linnet, and a strange blue pheasant.
I took off quite early today, around 6 in the morning, to try to be first there. The chance is bigger of seeing rarities before they are scared away.
Once there, I went all around the three reservoirs and out to the Moorlands. Was not back home until 13.30 *pust*
Foggy morning

Mistle Thrush/Dubbeltrast, with something to eat


Mountain Hare

Kanada Goose


Little ringed plower.

Red grouse

Rock wren



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