April 15, 2012

Botanical Garden Sheffield

So now Iam back on track again, since we had visitors from sweden last week I havent used the camera so much.
Being "back" we went down to Botanical Garden just to see if there has been any progress for the flowers and bushes. Last time, about a month ago, it was still not much happening, but now it was green everywhere.
Nice to see :)
Unfortunately I wasnt after flowers and trees today so no micro pics, I actually just wanted to take some photos of squirrels and birds.
There is a lot of squirrels in the garden, and they arent shy so it was pretty easy to take nice photos of them. Sometimes they are little bit to close and with that i mean they are running between your legs ;) and it is impossible to take photos with a big zoom lens when they do that.
nice colors in the leafs

Maybe Rhododendron


eating nut

one part of the big garden

One more

they are so cute

blackbird/koltrast Female

Mallard/gräsand Female


  1. Fina bilder som vanligt, alla djur verkar vara tama där ...

    1. jo haha vissa trädgårdsdjur i alla fall :-P
      som ekorrarna dom kommer ju och äter ur handen ;)