March 3, 2013

Mixed Pics from Kalix

Then it's just a few days left here in Kalix, before I return to England.
It has been fun to be here, and the weather has been quite nice all the time except for couple of days when it was +8 degrees which made the snow disappeared from the trees.
Me and my brother have been  to Kalix river to look for otters, but without success, we have seen tracks of them so they are there.. We have also tried to shoot dippers without any success, and I have also tried to get close to hazel grouse, but they are incredibly timid and it's not easier when it sounds so much when walking or skiing on the snow especially now after the mild weather that has formed a layer of ice on the snow.

I also have been after the Red Squirrel, they are not the easiest one to spot in the dens spruce forest, but i find one that i followed for couple of days.
For those who do not know, this is a different kind of squirrel that i usually shoot in england (red squirrel), they are a little smaller and they are the red / brown in the summer, but now they have a nice gray / red / white winter coat .