February 26, 2013

Fun with snowmobiles

A couple of days ago me and brother went out with snowmobile's for a ride on snowmobile trails and then on to places where it was untouched powder, the goal was of course to play and joyriding. It was really fun but really hard especially when we was driving actively in the powder snow because u haft to move your body all the time if you want the snowmobile to get it where u want.
The day after I had lots of muscle soreness in my back and arms, something else that is hard it is when you get stuck in the snow, then you have to dig around the snowmobile to free it from the snow and it is very tough and sweaty .
Afterwards, we went to a lake and there we grilled hamburgers at a shelter, that kind of places u can find pretty easy and it is a nice break. All in all, we drove probably  90km in 4-5 hours. This a very nice way to get out in the nature and many does this kind of adventure every weekende up here in northern Sweden or places where there is snow.

Photo break

Nice wintry forest

Brother driving powder snow


Mmm, tastes good

Brother driving in the deep powder snow

And a picture of me driving and playing in the powder snow


  1. Det ser ju onekligen ruskigt roligt ut och kanske viltet kan dra någon nytta av skoterspåret? Mina skogsdjur gör det i alla fall när det gäller vintervägarna i området hemma, bara de är något lite snöröjda tar de den hjälp som erbjuds. Som bekant är det ju mindre lustigt att pulsa genom snö. Landskapsbilderna är riktigt bra, vilket väder ni fick! Speciellt gillar jag #3, björkstammarna som konverterats till vita stickor, ser häftigt ut. / Deerhunter

  2. Jo det var riktigt najs och lagom mör i kroppen var man ju :))

  3. Ser ut att haft det riktigt bra där uppe i norr. Fina bilder. Gillar action bilderna på slutet.


  4. Häftigt! Vill också få leka sådär!!

  5. Tack för era kommentarer :))