March 23, 2013

Great Crested Grebe

Couple of days ago I read on Sheffield Ornithological website that there were a couple of Great Crested Grebe in a park nearby and because it is a bird I have not seen before I had to take the chance to shoot them ;)
These birds are known for their mating behavior, they get gifts for each other from the bottom of the lake and show them off, but also do the face to face head-wagging displays. Sometimes when they get close to each other, the heads form a heart which looks very cute :)
They also spread out the feathers on their neck, throat and head to even more impress each other.
I followed them for few hours in the morning in the cold wind, as they were quite active, but then they decided to get some rest so I went back home.
Unfortunately, most often its very hard to get close enough to get really good photos as it was for me this time, but it was still fun to see their mating behavior.
Yesterday and today it's blizzard again and it has come closer 2dm snow. F*, now I really want spring!

Camera equipment: Nikon 3Ds nikon 200-400mm f4 and kenko konverter 1,4.



  1. Fina bilder! Kul med en serie som berättar en historia/visar ett beteende. Tycker du har lyckats bra, vet att det är klurigt att komma tillräckligt nära, men å andra sidan så stör man ju mindre (de verkar ju vara upptagna med något ganska viktigt ;0) ).

    / Erik

  2. Kul med lite "udda" fåglar. Man har ju bara sett dom på tv hur dom dansar :)!

  3. De har kanske mycket att bestyra. Men det vilar ett stort lugn i dina bilder; fåglarna verkar lättsamt glida fram på ytan under medan de kurtiserar varandra. Så underbart stillsamt! / Deerhunter

  4. De är ju bara för underbara!
    Fina bilder där vattnet tillåts ta plats, det gillar jag ;-)
    / maria

  5. Tack för era fina kommentarer :)