March 26, 2013

Pictures from a wintry Rivelin Valley

Yesterday I walked down to Rivelin Valley because I wanted to shoot there while the snow still is here.
I only took my wide angle lens with me, which I later regret, because I saw two birds which I had not even had a chance to get close before. First it was Redpoll it is also quite rare here in england.
But just then, I could stand two meters away from it and it did not even bother about me, and the other bird (Redwing) showed up when I was heading home after a small river where it was looking for food and this time it was not at least shy, they usually are really shy.
I could sometimes have the camera as close as 50cm away from it, but if I tried to get a little bit closer it just moved couple of meters. But I was really happy to get that close to this shy bird.
But unfortunately with wide angle lens, you must get incredibly close to the bird to get any good picture.
From now on, I will at least bring my 70-200mm with me if something like that would happen again, which it certainly will not do. :((
On Thursday, we might go to Scotland (Isle of skye) a lot depends on if we get a hotel or the like for it seems to be almost impossible to get it now.
Camera equipment: Nikon D90 and Nikon 10-25mm f3.5.



  1. Hehe jo så kan det vara ibland :))
    ha d gott

  2. Såklart fåglarna inte har något emot att låta dig komma närmare nu när de såg att du bara hade vidvinkeln med. Fram med de stora kanonerna och de piper iväg direkt, inte sant? Landskapet ser mer vintrigt ut därborta än i mina trakter, ur led är tiden... / Deerhunter