March 6, 2013

Last photos from Kalix

Then I'm back home in england again after two nice weeks in Kalix.
Next trip will probably be in July / Aug and then it will be a week's fishing trip in the mountains.
Before I went from Kalix I tried to shoot small birds behind brother's house where he has a feeding place for them.
The bird I was after was the bullfinch, but it was incredibly shy so I did not really know if I would be able to shoot it.
But I sat down to take pictures of other small birds, and then suddenly it came and sat down at the big tree 10m away, so I sat still and waited and hoped that it would get closer as it did.
But it was not as close as I wanted but I had to be satisfied with just getting some pictures of it.
For me the trip meant that i got three new species pictured, may not sound much but it's winter and there are not so many birds there right now :))
The three birds: Hazel Grouse, Parrot Crossbill, and Bullfinch.
Now I'm looking outside and the the weather here in England is cloudy, foggy, rainy and little chilly. And so it will  be for some time, not at all eager to go out and shoot.

Bullfinch (male) Domherre (hane)

Williw tit/Talltita

Blue tit/Blå mes



  1. Suveränt fotograferade fåglar, bara att gratulera! Nötskrikorna i mina trakter är så skygga, har under hela vintern försökt komma inpå men misslyckats. Tröstas med din fina bild. Englandsvädret låter som Skånes när det är som sämst. Det lockar inte ut en, inte alls. / Deerhunter

  2. Fina bilder på småfåglarna. Du har lyckats fånga den fint. Gillar den sista bilden på Domhärren, mycket snygg.