March 14, 2013

Tawny Owl

Yesterday was a lovely day, I managed to see and photograph an owl in broad daylight.
I cykled to Redmires reservoirs to check if the migratory birds have begun to get there and sure they had it, though it was an icy wind snow on the ground and cold in the air the birds was singing in the bushes and trees it was wonderful to hear :)
I went for a walk on my route I usually do in redmires, first I began to look into a deep ditch for water voles but it was still covered with ice.
So I went up on the moors, and here i saw only sheep and red grouse and it was really cold in the wind so I headed back to a wooded area where I usually see wild rabbits but not today just a lot of tracks of them.
But then I saw that a branch sticking out of the ground looked a bit different and that was because an Owl was sitting on top of it  and warming in the sun, I was very surprised to see a  Tawny Owl because they are nocturnal hunters and rarely turns out so openly in broad daylight.
It sat maybe 20m away from me so I took some quick pictures unfortunately it was of course a twig in the way and ended up in the middle of the owl.
I guickly checked the histogram in the camera so that the picture looked good and when I looked up again, the owl was gone. It's unbelievable it was an open field of 25 * 50m with some shrubs and short birch trees, I dont understand how it could just disappeared so quick. I was hoping  to see it fly away and then maybe take me closer and take better pictures but apperently not this time.

The Tawny Owl is about 37-39cm in length with a wingspan of 94-104cm and can live up to 10 years.
Original picture

Cropped version


  1. Va trevligt med uggla, inte varje dag! :)

  2. En soldyrkande uggla, inget dåligt fynd du gjort här! Det där med grenen framför motivet känns bara s å välbekant och som fenomen fotografens ständige följeslagare, känns det som åtminstone. Har oxå förlorat bilder då snabb titt på displayen räcker för att fågeln ska hunnit sticka. Antar att det är lite som valet mellan pest och koleran om alternativet annars t ex är överexponerade högdagrar och annat hemskt över en hel serie bilder. / Deerhunter