October 26, 2012

Some pics of a waterfall

Have spent a lot of time down in the Rivelin Valley this week, has photographed mushrooms and so I have put up some bird feeding stations.
I put up the The bird feeder `s so i can get closer when i take bird pictures.
Otherwise, I just have been strolling around there and tried to find something interesting to photograph.
A place I always stop at is a small waterfall of about 1.5 m and there is always something to photograph. Have seen trout that have tried to force up the waterfalls, but have unfortunately not been able to get them in the picture yet. But I will try when the weather gets better, it's been fog 3 days in a row and then overcast. Now I want some sun before I go down there again :))

Camera equipment i used: Nikon 3Ds, nikon 50mm f1,8D and a tripod.
Click on a picture to enlarge them

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