October 1, 2012

Peak District National Park, Around Ladybower.

Last Saturday Me and my wife took the opportunity to go to Ladybower, which is situated inside the Peak district National Park. We had decided the day before that we would walk a route that we've gone before, (Winhill) and because it goes up on the moors and you have incredible views in every direction, we could not complain.
The hike to the top of Winhill starts really steep and goes through a fine batch of mixed forest including larch, spruce, pine and hardwood forest. And beside the track down in a deep ravine a little stream is running. The walk to the top usually take a 0.5 to 1 h. And once up, it feels as if the heart would jump out of your chest;))

Stream in the ravine

Track up to Winhill

But at the top, you can take a breather for a while and admire the views in all directions, Ladybower is located in the border between the White Peak which is more populated and has more culture landscape, while the Dark Peak has the highest peaks, and now we're not talking about some very high peaks but Kinder Scout is the highest in the Peak district measuring 636 meters above sea level.
It is also in the Dark Peak area, heather blooms in August and it will be really nice when it's purple everywhere. Sorry I missed it this year  :(
Near Winhill, ladybower in the background
White peak, from winhill
Winhill top, and dark peak with Kinder plateau in the background to right.

From here it was downhill all the way to Ladybower. After a while, we was back to the forest, and here we stopped for a while to take pictures of fungus and I experimented with slow shutter speed in the forest, like the effect of it but still have to practice a little more :)
The last hour of the hike we went along lady bower reservoir and in the end will lead you to a place where they have a water intake that looks a little scary, I do not then go down there;)

Photo equipment i used on this walk: Camera nikon 3D,s and 24-70mm f2,8 lens, tripod and a soft graduated filter for the sky.



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    1. Den är ju inte jätte djup men brant och svår att ta sig ner till den på grund av leriga branter ;) men 4-6m på sina ställen på det brantaste och sen fortsätter det väl en 20-30m med lite flackare partier.

  2. oj, Hjälp! får typ svindel bara av att titta på det där "vattenhålet"! Snygg bild! :-)

    1. Tack Camilla!
      Jo den ser lite otrevlig ut, den har ett otrevligt ljud också som att den gurglar ibland :)
      Ha d gott