October 19, 2012

Some pics from the week

I've Been to the Rivelin Valley quite often this week, and yesterday I was at a place which is also along the Rivelin river and where I have seen a lot of holes in the ground which is probably from the badger. So I thought to check them if they dared to show themselves but unfortunately I was not lucky enough to see them while I was there, they're nocturnal so it's not often you see them.
And so it was meter high ferns everywhere so it's hard to see at all.
Will probably return there in the spring instead then it's probably easier to see them.
But while I stood there and looked something smelled really good, a bit like strawberries did not think much more about it but when I went away from there, I took a different route and arrived at some place that had lots of meters tall orchid`s and it was those who smelled so good. Took a few quick shots and went on looking out for owls, but no luck there either. So I rode home in the dark and rain. :))


  1. Första bilden var coolish, fräna färger!

    1. Jo härliga färger i den, dom lila svamparna ska tydligen vara ätbara :)
      ha d gott