October 22, 2012

Hike from Moscar to Hathersage

Yesterday me and my wife went on a little hike that started in a village called Moscar and lies along the A57 road when driving towards the lady bower from sheffield.
Then we continued to go by Stanage Edge which is 4-5km long, and is also popular with climbers. For some time ago in some areas they Quarried rock from the mountain to make grind stones, and some can still be seen on the hillside-carved, but never removed.
I think the stone is some sort of sandstone.
From here you have incredible views, but unfortunately the light was pretty hard so it's not easy to get good pictures.
But we could not complain about the weather windless, sunny and about 15 C, and we also had a little frost on the shadow side in the morning when we came to Moscar.
After about 3km we turned off Stanage Edge to take us down to Hathersage and the last bit was mostly through woodland mixed with pastures. The stretch we went took 3hours but we walked slowly, enjoying the weather and took many photo breaks. The funny thing was when we got home around 15  the weather changed and it was suddenly very foggy and it also continues today : ((

Photo equipment i used: Nikon 3Ds, nikon 24-70mm f2,8 lens with pol filter and nd grad hard edge.
click on the pictures to enlarge them!
In the beginning of the hike

From stanage edge towards hathersage

Stanage edge towards high neb 458m above sea level

Stanage edge

wood lands

Path up to stanage edge from hathersage

Highland cattle


  1. Some lovely photos of Stanage Edge. I'm planning to go walking near Hathersage at the weekend.

  2. Thank u Lee!
    You should do that, it's getting nice with all the fall colors down in Hathersage.
    Regards Jani