October 15, 2012

Wyming brook forest

Today I biked down to wyming brook forest, the goal was to photograph the little stream that runs through that and try to get to some autumn pictures. It turned out that it would not be so easy, mostly because there was not so much hardwood beside the stream.
But a little higher up the creek,  there were some trees with some fall colors. Fall colors usually come here they last 2 weeks of October or around the first weeks of november depending on how much it has rained during the year and this year it's been extremely rainy.

Photo equipment i used: Nikon D90, nikon 10-24mm F3,5 lens and a tripod.
Click on a picture to enlarge it!


  1. Full sommar ännu ;)
    Löven är coolt fotat, man blir nästan snurrig av att titta på den :)

    1. Tja broder!
      Jo det är nästan full sommar ännu, vissa träd börjar bli lite gula nu, men björken tappade sina löv för länge sen. :) Vi har nästan det varmare nu än vi hade i somras :-P
      Kul att du gillade lövbilden, det var lite tanken att man skulle bli snurrig av att titta på den. :)

      ha re gott