October 30, 2012

Bird migration at Redmires reservoir

Today I biked to Redmires reservoir, to check out the bird migrations that probably is at the end. The morning started well for while I was about to unlock the bike (it was still dark outside), I heard a tawny owl calling in the nearest tree and suddenly it was sitting on branch 4m from me and stared at me. We have an owl here every night, but it's really hard to get a picture of it. Because it appears, only when it is dark: (
We gazed at each other for a moment, thought, picking up the camera but it did fly away.
After 40min of cycling up for the hill and the lovely headwind :(( I arrived at the reservoirs.
Then went to a place where there are panoramic views, this is the place where the big bird flock`s come and fly over. While I went to the place so I took the opportunity to check for water voles but unfortunately I did not see them. However, I saw a new bird species, it was a water rail, but it was to quick to get a photo off and it disappeared into the grass. Then I stood there and watching the migration birds, there were lots of starlings, pigeons and geese.
starlings flew low and came in flocks of 10-100 pieces i saw total of 1000. After 2 hours i started to freeze because it blew and was about 3C so I went further into the woods. And there I was able to see Europe's smallest bird called Goldcrest and is about 8.5-9cm long. Then I went to the bike and passed canada geese, so I stopped to watch for them a while and one of them was playing it looked very funny when it was up and down in the water :)).

Camera equipment i used: Nikon 3Ds and nikon 200-400mm f4 lens.
click on a picture to enlarge it!
Wood pigeons in the distance

One group of starlings

Goose playing

Hello! where are u guys :)

Long-tailed tit

The smallest one in europe, Goldcrest


Big bird :))


  1. Va rolig bild när pippin är upp och ner :))

    1. Jo den pippin hade konstiga saker för sig :))

  2. Ha, ha. Ja fyran är ju en verkligt komisk bild. Säkert att ingen tappat sin färdiga gåsstek i vattnet...? Som du säger så börjar väl höstens migration gå mot slutet nu. Skogarna blir allt tystare, snart ser man bara gässen, kråkorna och rovfåglar därute. / Deerhunter

  3. Jo visst är det så att migrationen går mot sitt slut, vissa drar härifrån men det kommer hit massa fåglar också från bland annat skandinavien, grönland island m,m
    men många av dom kommer till kusterna och stannar där hela vintern. Så tyvärr får jag inte se så mycket av dom :(
    ha d