July 10, 2012

Stanage Edge (Peak District)

Last night, despite the bad weather, I decided to take me to Stanage Edge again to try to shoot the ring ouzel. The weather forecast showed that it could be sunny in the evening. Took the bus today, and then went the last 5 km walking to the site, it took an hour in the pouring rain and fog: ( But when a was at Stanage edge so it stopped raining, but the fog remained.
Could see a slight improvement in the sky but it was short-lived. Took out the camera from the bag, today I had the D90 and 200-400mm f4 lens. Took that  kompinationen because it givs 300-600mm f4, and this is not entirely wrong when you're shooting animals and birds. But unfortunately, so is the D90 completely useless when u haft to have high Iso. I took the pictures today at ISO 1000 which is not so much for today's cameras, but with the D90 then the images are noisy.
Found ring ouzel directly but they were not quite where I expected, so now I was doing some climbing after steep slopes to access the birds, which was not so fun. Because the rain made ​​everything slippery. 
But some pictures I managed to get anyway even if they're not super. The image I was after, was that the bird would be in a place with low grass which was wet by the rain and because of that the foreground and background should get very nice water droplets Bokeh and then some last glimts of sun to that. That would be a dream picture. ;) maybe next time then.

Click on the pictures to enlarge them.

Ring ouzel/ringtrast

Ring ouzel

Ring Ouzel

Ring ouzel

Foggy Stanage Edge

Low clouds


  1. Härlig dimma!
    Här är det äckligt varmt, tacka vet jag 15 grader ;)

  2. Jo nog var det dimmigt, ibland såg man bara 10m.
    Visst är det skönt med sol, men då ska man gärna ha ett lagom kylande hav att ta dopp i.
    Här bara regn o regn ca 18c o fuktigt som fan.