July 5, 2012

The Ring Ouzel

Yesterday I took the bus to Logde moor, and from there I went to a place called Stanage Edge. From Logde moor It`s about 6km walk, and on the way I passed Redmires Reservoirs.
Of course, I stopped there for a moment to check if there were any unusual birds on site. But it did not so I took some photos of common sandpiper and took the opportunity to hide under a tree while the rain poured down, there came another big rain when I was up on the moorland and there is no protection, good thing I had rainwear.
Met a guy who did not had it, and he was quite wet and looked generally glum;) Arriving at Stanage Edge, so I first admired the landscape, but then I saw two Kestrel hunting at the edge and there was a bird who was annoyed at those two. And the small bird that chased the two suddenly landed a ten meters from me and I could not believe it but it was a Ring Ouzel, I've looked after this bird all spring but now it stood there.
So it was just to take some pictures of it, but then it flew away, I sat there thinking that it might come back and it did, but now even closer. ;) After a while I went for a walk on the edge to check if I could find the Falcons, but I gave up after an hour when they just flew around high in the air. then went back to the ring ouzel and tried to take me even closer to it, was a little surprised that it was not so very timid, good for me because it mostly came back at the same point.
I think I tried to shoot it for about 3h and the closest I was about 6-7m. i think under 3h I saw it 5-6 times. Now, many think, but it's a thrush, the more certain it is a thrush, but a  unusual one, it lives in the mountains and in rocky parts. And there are not very many of them. And  commonly so they are shy and not so easily seen. And it was a new check in the bird book
Ring Ouzel/Ringtrast (female i think)

Stanage Edge it is like this in 5km

After the rain (white peak) 

Sandpiper in rain

Just after the rain

tree pipit

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