July 8, 2012

One day in York

Yesterday my wife and I decided to do some sightseeing in a small-town an hour's journey by train from Sheffield, the town  known as York. The city was full of tourists, which is not surprising with the history it has. Founded by the Romans in 71 after christ and in 600's it was christened by king Edwin of northumbria. In 866 it was attacked by a large Viking fleet and they remained there until 954, as that year the city was taken back by the Anglo-Saxons. As u can read there is a lot  of history, but i will not go in to more details. The city's most touristy place is the great church (York Minster) it date from the 1230's. And it is quite impressive, especially inside. Like most old churches it has its cool features, columns and nicely patterned glass windows. We spent 2 hours in there, and while we're in there there was also a wedding. Though the section was closed then, but you could see everything if you wanted to and heard all through the speakers. After that we took a walk in the old part of town, where we stopped at the leaning houses (Scrambles) which are also photographed extensively. As a last thing we walked around the city wall that runs almost around the entire city.
I can recommend this small town if you want one-day-sightseeing.
The pictures are taken with D90 and 10-24 wide-angle lens.

Click on the pictures to enlarge them.

Funny looking goose :)


York Minster

Inside York Minster

Chapter House a part of York Minster

Chapter house roof

York Minster

York Minster

York Minster the highest point of the roof

Leaning Houses



  1. Japp det var nog 3 meter över det normala om inte mer ;)
    vissa bilvägar och trafikskyltar var helt under vattnet så nog var det tillräckligt.