July 4, 2012

Rivelin Valley in the evening

Last night, I just had to go out, it has been raining now for 4 days. So it was getting boring being home especially when you have good rain gear.
But yesterday I braved the rain and took the bike down to the Rivelin Valley around 18:30, going to try me on the long-term exposures. Down there, it was of course even darker because of the dense foliage, but it did nothing that was what I wanted.
Walked around for a while to find interesting subjects, wanted to find some sort of backwater, so that I could photograph it. It can get quite interesting motif of this stuff, did not really find any nice backwater but I got some pictures. After a while it started to rain even more, and now began the moisture really get into the clothes, it does not help that you walk on steep trails and similar ;)
Photographed a few interesting sections of the streams before I gave up at 21:30.
All photos are taken with tripod and a shutter time,  between 15-30 seconds and manual mode. On the way home I saw a fox, my first here in england. So now I know that there is one there that I might have an opportunity to shoot sometime. ;)

Today it is raining again and it will continue raining 4-5 days yet, but I'll take me to Redmires anyway.


  1. Vilka fina bilder! Du är ju jätte duktig! :)) /Camilla

  2. Riktigt fina vattenbilder!
    Utan stativ va? ;))

  3. Tack så mycket Camilla och Broder.
    Broder jo utan stativ, är ju riktigt grym på att hålla kameran still i 30 sec :-P