July 13, 2012


Yesterday I took with me camouflage to Redmires Reservoirs and the purpose was to lie down on the shore and take pics of wading birds. Went to the middle reservoir where the water starts to disappear a little more so that I could lie down on the sand and rock instead of the grassy bank, which would have made that I would have been higher up giving a weird angle. Because I want to have the bird and the camera at the same height, it tends to give a nice blurry foreground and background. Another reason that I chose it is that it was simply where wading birds were. ;) I lay down on a sleeping mat 5m from the water and put on my camouflage, then it was just wait for the birds to come closer. Which they did after half an hour, there was no unusual birds except little ringed plower which is somewhat unusual in the inland and so high on the moorland. I followed them from beneath camouflage for a few hours. Then my back started to hurt a little bit, for it is not so good laying down on a thin mattress with head up all the time. After that I went to the Golden plower but they are difficult to sneak up on, trying to stay a while in camouflage there too but if you have scared them once so they would not like to come back to the same place. So I gave up after an hour and then went  on a  6km walk but found nothing special. Had now been out since 15:00 and now it was close to 21:00 so I decided to go back to the bus.

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Some kind if Orchid

Young Swallow

Little ringed plower/Mindre strandpipare

Pied Wagtail/Sädesärla

Common Sandpiper/Drillsnäppa

Old spooky house

Lazy calf, with uncomfortable sleeping position

Common Sandpiper looking for food.

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